OSINT: Using Discover Tool For Information Gathering

OSINT: Using Discover Tool For Information Gathering

Well, guys today we are going to look at a very nice open source tool for information gathering.

“Discover” tool is used to automate various pentesting tasks. You can find a lot of information(both passive and active) with this tool which you can later use in your pentesting scenario. It provides a well detailed report that you can present to an organization if need be.

Here are the steps to install “Discover” tool.

Once all the updates have been installed, you can then run the following command to start Discover


I recommend you do a passive scan. This will gather the publicly available information and not land you in legal actions.

The tool will run. This takes a while, so be patient. Once completed, you will be provided with an htm file that will contain all the discovered information.

You can follow a video of the tutorial here:

Happy hacking. Be responible!!!

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