Remain anonymous online through Kalitorify:

Remain anonymous online through Kalitorify:

We shall see how to set up and use kalitorify to remain anonymous. Kalitorify uses iptables to provide transparent proxy through the tor network for anonymization. It provides prevention against DNS leak. It can redirect all the traffic system through tor.

Well, let’s set up kalitorify.


  • We have to first install “tor” (if not yet installed). Run the following commands prior to installation of Tor: “apt update && apt-get upgrade”.
  • Then we clone kalitorify from the GitHub repository using the following command:

git clone

  • Once cloning is completed we move to the file location using the “cd kalitorify” command then run the “sudo make install” command. We then reboot the system.
  • Once the reboot is done and we are back to the terminal interface, run “kalitorify -t” command to start kalitorify. You can use “kalitorify –help” to view options.
  • Upon successful configurations, you shall have a new ip address.
  • Everything is running well and if you try to google search anything, you may be greeted with the following window. Worry not. Just check “i am not a robot” box and continue. As you will notice, the ip address is already different.

Well as you can see, we now have our system anonymous over the tor network.

Disclaimer: Kalitorify does not provide 100% anonymization.

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