Steganography 2; adding a secret text to an audio file

Steganography 2; adding a secret text to an audio file

In the previous tutorials we saw how to hide text message inside an image file. In this tutorial we are going to see how we can save our secret text file inside an audio file.


  • DeepSound.


  • Go and download the software in the given link below:

  • Click on “open carrier file” and select the audio file.
  • Now click on Output Quality to set the output file quality.

Note if we set the quality high there will be less space for hiding the data. I recommend you set it depending on the size of the secret file you want to embed.

  • Click on Add Secret file to select the file that we want to hide.

The file will be added as shown above. Now click on the encode secret file.

On the “output format”, select the output format that you want. In the password field enter the password and click encode file.

When we click “encode secret file”, we get a successfully encoded message saved on the Output directory selected.


The recipient of the secret message must have DeepSound installed in order to decrypt the secret message.

  • Open the encoded music file by opening with deep sound or dragging the file to the deep sound software.
  • Enter the password that was used while encoding the secret file and press OK.
  • The hidden file will be shown below. Now click the Extract secret file in above tool bar to decrypt the mp3.

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