How to add a payload to a software program

How to add a payload to a software program

In this tutorial we are going to see how we can add our payload to the executable files in windows.

Tools needed

Kali linux

Shellter – this tool has proved most effective in creating AV evading payloads. The re-encoding capabilities of shellter allows the hacker to create an infinite number of signatures thus allowing for nearly undetection by AV software. 


  1. Open the terminal and type apt install shellter

The shellter will be installed automatically

     2. Open shellter by typing shellter in terminal

        3. Type ‘a’ for auto mode

            4. Select the software you want to inject payload. In my case I will be choosing winrar

             5. Press ‘y’ for enabling stealth mode

And ‘l’ for using listed payload . In our case we are going to use the meterpreter_reverse_tcp, so type ‘1’

              6. Enter the port no and ip address you want to listen

              7. Send the created .exe file to victim (the file can be found in the shelter backups file)

Create the listener as shown in the windows hacking series part 2 and start listening. When the user installs the program the meterpreter session will be started.

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